Ramphos Supporter 1: Jet Parts Liquidator

Jet Parts Liquidator has supplied our team with parts for our inventions for years.

Company Information and how they support us

Jet Parts Liquidator has proudly been this teams number one parts supplier. They deliver on time, every time and we cannot reccomend them enough. What we have come to value most about them has been that they go above and beyond in the customer service aspect. This especially shows in how they treat their parts. Every part arrives in pristine condition because they go the extra mile to ensure the proper techniques are used in shipping, packaging, and delivery. When you are building ultra light aircraft like the ones we put together, it is tempting to simply go to the big craigslist like companies of aviation and get used parts brought in. However, without the testing capabilities of a company like Jet Parts Liquidator, you have no proof that the parts will keep you in the air.

Major Services

Jet Parts Liquidator takes special pride in providing extremely low cost parts at high value. On a Semi Annual basis, they will highlight parts they are able to liquidate from their stores and from their sources. Additionaly, they are always looking for new parts to sell and are willing to add you as a source! Send a brief email to parts@jetpartsliquidator.com with your parts list and they will add it to their list!

Windshield Liquidation

As a parts distributor, it becomes crucial to always have spares of the most common parts! However, because of that, JPL has been able to build up a stock that is ready for order and they are looking to liquidate both 173600-23 and 6656100000-010.

Landing Gear

A rare and treasured part, the actuator assembly is hard to find in usable condition. A search for one of these usually results in calling independant distributors who have to crawl through their old abandoned warehouse in search of the obscure part. However, then the part must be organized, repaired, overhauled and shipped at huge time and monetary investment. Alternatively, you can order 6027100-001 today at liquidation prices from the team.

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