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Ramphos has been designing, producing, and manufacturing ultralight aircraft since 1999

How Ramphos started

I am a Ramphos enthusiast. Ramphos makes an amazing product and we hope to promote the company and spread the word through this website. Ramphos began its production of the first Ramphos back in 1999. I was an ultralight pilot who lived very far from any airfield. I did however live on a lake and frequently there were seaplanes thaat took off out of our lake and I figured why not do the same with its ultralights. Ramphos developed a primary model and by the end of 2002 Ramphos was in its first production run. To Date, Ramphos has produced over 500 Aircraft among 10 countries.


The Ramphos is a very serious piece of equipment. It is also one of the most fun and exiting amphibious aircraft to fly in the world. Sport flying has inherent risks. Now Ramphos has added water/ocean to the possible risks. This then requires that the pilot-in-command is properly prepared for this tool. Training in all aspects of air, land and water Ramphos operations is the key to success. The extent of the training will rely very much on the previous weight shift experience and natural ability of the student. The experienced trike pilot will easily transition into amphibious operations. On the other hand, someone with no experience will need to complete land trike training to solo stage. If you would like, you can train at its USA, Italy and Australia training centers. If that is not convenient, Ramphos will be more that happy to travel to your location.

The Ramphos Famous Amphibious Trike In Action!

Since 2002 The Ramphos Trike has been popular among pilots and amateurs alike! See Why!

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