Ramphos Supporter 2: BestRCCopters

BestRCCopters has had a unique relationship with us throughout the years. The enthusiasts from their teams have provided us with the "Geek Squad" we have needed in a wide variety of ways.

Company Information and how they support us

BestRCCopters has proudly been this teams electronics and innovation contractor. Whenever problems have arisen that we have been unable to solve, we have always felt comfortable relying on their expertise. These guys would provide incredibly unique assistance especially in the battery/electrical arrangemets. They were so used to working on 1/4 scale model helicopters that the electrical management of our ultralights was practically identical and they have been able to do a lot for us.

Major Services

BestRCCopters is a community of RC enthusiasts who buy every copter that comes out and puts them through the ringer! They then analyze things such as flight time, range, maneuverability, and cost to come up with current lists of the best deals and the most fun! No matter what your need is, or if you are simply interested in getting a feel of what you can buy for a low price, check out their remote control helicopter reviews