Ramphos has been designing, producing, and manufacturing ultralight aircraft since 1999

Ultralight Aviation To The Extreme-Information on the Ramphos Manufacturer and Ramphos Products

Ultralight Aviation used to be a very limited hobby. Due to the unstable nature of the field, you can only fly over unpopulated areas. For many people this can be a long drive out of the way if there is even a location available! HOWEVER, now with the new amphibious technology you can fly over any body of water! This is safer, easier, and more fun!

We encourage safe flying every time you take out your aircraft and Ramphos has made it easier than ever to be safe. One of the major focuses of the amphibious trike is the ability to fly over safer terrain. No longer do you need to launch out of your back yard, and now you can use your ultralight whenever you want.

the Famous Amphibious Trike In Action!

Since 2002 the Trike has been popular among pilots and amateurs alike! See Why!

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